Who Benefits from Your Oregon Lottery Ticket?

Ever wonder where your money goes? For most people, spending a few dollars on a Megabucks ticket doesn’t have a huge impact. For residents of Oregon, though, lottery ticket sales go a long way.

State lotteries aren’t only fun to play, they also support many state-run programs and important causes. When you play the lottery online at theLotter Oregon, you are playing the game with official Oregon Lottery tickets. Your lottery play online will therefore benefit state programs in the same way as when purchasing your tickets in person at a local retailer.

According to Oregon Lottery officials, lottery ticket revenue is used to support the following services and more:

State Parks

There are 255 state parks in Oregon spread out over 109,000 acres and serving nearly 46,000,000 daytime visitors each year. Residents and out-of-town visitors can enjoy hiking, bike trails, RV campgrounds, and beaches. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department also organizes monthly events for families, schools, and youth groups.

Veterans Services

An important aspect of Oregon state programs includes support for veterans of the Armed Forces. Oregon veterans receive assistance with job placement, continuing education, healthcare, and special home loan programs.

Public Education

Approximately half of all state lottery income is directed towards educational programs. This includes construction and maintenance of school buildings, teachers’ salaries, equipment, computers, textbooks, and university scholarships. Oregon is quite literally investing in its future.

Economic Development

An economy flourishes under skills training, job creation, and innovation. The State of Oregon uses a portion of its lottery earnings to provide small business loans and financial support. Businesses in industries such as agriculture, retail, manufacturing, and high tech can take advantage of this benefit. As they grow, the need to expand their workforce increases, which aids the local economy.

Watershed Enhancement

A healthy environment is necessary for a healthy society. Clean water, nature trails, fishing, and wildlife habitats enrich our communities. Funds from state lotteries go towards maintaining a number of Oregon environmental projects like improving water quality and restoring fishing areas.

Whether you purchase your Oregon Lottery tickets in person, or whether you buy them here at theLotter Oregon, you’ll be helping support meaningful social and economic programs that benefit all residents of the state of Oregon.

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