How Much Is a Powerball Lottery Ticket in Oregon?

While it’s easy to find the cost of a standard ticket, it gets a little trickier once you start adding on play options or going digital. In this guide, we’ll explain the Powerball ticket cost breakdown; and show you how to save when you play online!

What Is the Cost Of a Standard Powerball Ticket in Oregon?

How Much Do Powerball Tickets cost

When Powerball was established in 1992, a standard ticket from a retailer would cost just $1. Each entry lets players select 5 main numbers from a range of 1-69 and one additional number (the Powerball number) from 1-26. This price remained the same until 2012, where along with several other changes, the cost of a Powerball ticket was doubled to the current price of $2. This amount is the same for all participating states. While this is the price for a standard Powerball ticket, adding more lines to your ticket and utilizing different play options could affect the cost.

What Is "Power Play" and How Much Does It Add to the Powerball Ticket Price?

Power Play is an exciting Powerball add-on that can increase your second place prize to as much as $10 million, and boost all other non-jackpot prizes by up to 10 times the original amount! Adding this to your ticket will bump up your ticket price by just $1, making the overall ticket cost $3.

More Lines Means More Money - So Why Should You Add Them?

In short, the more number combinations you’re playing with, the higher your odds are of matching a prize. While we definitely promote spending within your budget, if you have a few dollars to burn, adding even just one more line can boost your chances of taking home the gold!

How Much Does Playing Powerball Online Cost in Oregon?

If you decide to play Powerball online through a lottery service that is not affiliated with the Oregon Lottery, you will likely pay a little more for your tickets. At theLotter Oregon, a small service fee of $0.60 is applied to each ticket purchased. So instead of $2, you will be set back by $2.60 when you purchase a Powerball ticket online.

Save on Powerball tickets

Why Do Powerball Tickets Cost More When You Play Online?

In addition to paying for a standard lottery ticket, the service fee applied to your ticket at purchase supports the costs that keep an independent lottery courier service running. This includes the purchase of an official lottery ticket on your behalf, the claiming and transfer of winnings to your account, and administration costs. For the accessibility and convenience you get from ordering lottery tickets online, a few extra cents might just be worth it!

How Does an Online Ticket Messenger Service Work?

Once you select your lottery of choice, simply pick your numbers just as you would at a retailer. Shortly after confirming your purchase, a local agent will buy an official ticket from a licensed retailer on your behalf in time for the draw. The ticket is then scanned into your personal account for proof of purchase and viewing purposes before the draw. Then, it’s securely stored in theLotter Oregon’s local office until the time of the draw.

What happens when you win? First of all, congratulations! If you have won a secondary lottery prize up to $600, theLotter Oregon will transfer your money to your online account after receipt of the win from the lottery operator. All prizes are paid out commission-free, so you take home exactly what was advertised! If you are lucky enough to win a prize over $600, or even the Powerball jackpot, you will need to collect your prize in person from the Oregon Lottery. We'll assist you as much as possible in collecting your Powerball prizes! (That's part of our service!)

Now that you know how to play Powerball online, how can you start saving on your tickets?

How to Save on Powerball Tickets Online

Save on Powerball tickets

One great thing about purchasing tickets through an independent lottery agency is that they can offer discounts and play options that you won’t find at your local retailer. One of the most underrated advantages of playing the lottery online in Oregon is that you can save money when you buy multiple tickets in advance! Check out two play options available at theLotter Oregon that can help you save you a pretty penny on your Powerball play:

Multi-Draw Packages

Playing Powerball with a multi-draw package allows you to purchase a set number of consecutive draws to your favorite lotteries! At theLotter Oregon, you can get up to 10% off your purchase when you play 5, 10, 15, 25, or 52 consecutive draws. This option will automatically enter you into every one of the draws in your package. It’s great if you want to save time and money, but don’t want the commitment of a subscription.


You’re a dedicated Powerball fan and you want to enter every draw until the end of time. Say hello to your new best friend – Subscriptions. Playing with a subscription automatically enters you into ever draw until you decide to unsubscribe. As a bonus, theLotter Oregon will throw in every 10th ticket totally free of charge! Subscribing also ensures that you’ll never miss out on winning. If your lucky numbers are selected in the draw, you won’t miss out because you forgot to play!

Is the Powerball Ticket Price Right for You?

Playing with theLotter Oregon gives you access to draw results, information, and lottery tickets to your favorite local and multi-state lotteries wherever you are, at any time of day! When looking at the cost to benefit ratio, we think that if you’re a Powerball fan, it’s definitely worth your time and money to give theLotter Oregon a try! See if you’ve won and learn more about Powerball through our Powerball results page. You can also check out how much a Mega Millions ticket costs when you play online with theLotter Oregon!