How Pick Lotteries Work

Brighten up your day with Oregon's Pick 4 Lottery! Four daily draws, every day of the week, right from the comfort of your home. And what else? With Pick 4, you can win prizes in a variety of ways. With Pick 4, you can win top prizes, even if some of your numbers don’t appear in the draw! It's not just a lottery; it's your daily dose of excitement! Ready to turn your luck up a notch? Keep reading to learn more about the thrilling world of Pick Lotteries!

What Is a Pick Lottery

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What is the Oregon Pick 4 Lottery?

Oregon Pick 4 is a thrilling lottery that presents multiple opportunities to win prizes, all centered around four drawn lottery numbers. Pick 4 provides various bet types, each with its own set of odds. As a player, you can select a bet type that aligns with your risk preferences, balancing the potential for larger prizes against the likelihood of winning.

Pick 4 draws are held each day, at 1:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m. PT, respectively.

How Do I Submit My Pick 4 Entries?

Submitting your entries for Pick Lotteries is easy! All you need to do is select 4 numbers from a range of 0-9, choosing between different bet types such as: All 4 in Exact Order, All 4 in Any Order, First 3 in Exact Order or Last 3 in Exact Order. Submit your order, then sit back and relax as you wait for the results to come in!

Check out our selection of Pick Lotteries available at theLotter Oregon:

Why Should You Play Pick Lotteries?

  • Easy to play, several ways to win
  • Small guess ranges
  • Multiple daily draws
  • Freedom over style of play
  • Play at times that suit you!

How Pick Lotteries Work

How Do You Win Playing Pick Lotteries?

The way to win Pick 4 Oregon is to match all/some of the winning numbers that came up in the official draw you participated in. Here’s how to win using the different bet types:

Bet Type* Winning Combination

All 4 in Exact Order

Match ALL 4 numbers in the EXACT ORDER as drawn.

All 4 in Any Order

Match the 4 drawn numbers in ANY ORDER.

First 3 in Exact Order

Match the first 3 drawn numbers in the EXACT ORDER.

Last 3 in Exact Order

Match the last 3 drawn numbers in the EXACT ORDER.

*These are the Pick 4 bet types currently offered at theLotter Oregon.

Latest Pick 4 Results

Check out the results page of Pick 4 Oregon to see a full breakdown of winning odds for each bet type and the latest numbers to have come up in the draw.

Claiming Pick Lottery Prizes at theLotter Oregon

Did you win a prize at theLotter Oregon? Congratulations! Not sure? Feel free to check our lotto results page, which is swiftly updated after every draw! Even if you don’t, rest assured that theLotter Oregon will notify you in the event of any win instantly via SMS/email! Prizes up to $600 will be transferred directly to your account, once we receive confirmation of your win from the official lottery operator. You can then choose to withdraw these funds or use them towards your next ticket! For larger prizes, theLotter Oregon will assist you in coordinating and receiving your prize in person from a licensed retailer.

Make sure to purchase your Pick Lottery tickets in time for the next draw!